Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the road trip


Yesterday felt like some average road trip to Ohio. The landscape looks familiar and it just feels like a temporary escape. Josh and I have to remind ourselves that we will not be returning to the Spring Hill house, that this is more than just a visit. We stopped in Kansas City to see some friends (Darin & Autumn Scholl- friends from Josh’s childhood). It was wonderful to sleep on a comfy bed and hang out with friends- again, just a road trip. But today…ah, yes…today is different. We know that we will arrive in Colorado Springs this evening, and the landscape is changing.

A side (Carla) note:

I hardly recognize myself these days...

But I think I was born for this. I remember as a kid acting out scenes of a western that was in my head. I was a rancher tackling the Wild West, and being a girl- it wasn’t easy. :) But somewhere along the way, I lost myself. Maybe it was insecurity, maybe it was listening to people around me tell me what I was capable of- I am not sure... But I have rediscovered myself, or maybe I am remembering who God made me to be. Something has switched: I have stopped telling God who I am. I am now letting Him tell me who He made me to be. They are very different. And I must say, I like His version of me a lot better.

So, here we go. God has provided a loving, inviting couple to host us for a few days when we arrive in Colorado. They are attending Charis Bible College as well as us this fall. It is so amazing to me that God knits complete strangers together. That in the name of Jesus, people from different walks can be so close. So we will be looking tomorrow (Thursday) for our house. We just need to find the one God has set aside for us...

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